ates (bleedseptember) wrote,

the worst immediate change during a break up is the affect sappy songs have on me. songs i usually pay no attention to, tune out, ignore, now seem amplified and directed only at me. its only in public places...... a walgreens, a publix, bryan adams or rod stewart comes on and i'm fighting back tears.

in regards to something scott said, that i thought about and expanded upon before agreeing with. "evolution, not revolution"

revolution implies an immediate change using force. it comes out of desperation, or frustration. the word itself gives away its own cyclical nature. revolutions are forced and only bide time until the next. evolution is a step forward that cannot be taken back, and at this stage, it is completely voluntary (though i see it as a necessity)

i respect that this type of change is voluntary, in no way possible to force down peoples throats. the desire for us to evolve comes solely out of compassion for the human race, while revolution, from my experience, only comes from personal dissatisfaction with self.

in summation, i hate punk.

and i am looking forward to life.
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